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Who knew that I could be so entrapped by things on the internet!  Is it bordering on obsession?  Perhaps.  Do I look at it nearly every time I sit down at my computer?  Yep.  I absolutely adore Pinterest.  Is Pinterest new?  Psshh…no!  It just falls into the realm of things that were underground and cool that I had no idea of, and now it is getting super-popular.  Yes!

Kudos, Michael Dean and Juan Carlos Pagan for the jazzy Pinterest logo. I think it's snazzy!

My devotion to Pinterest is somewhat difficult for me to admit, since I kinda’ pride myself on disliking things that seems to be the cultural norm of those around me.

Coffee?  Nasty.

Sushi? Sickening.

Beer?  Blech.

Jogging?  Awful.  (But you probably already knew that from my last post!)

I don’t know where this random ‘opposite-love’ trait originated from, but I’ve had it ever since I can remember choosing to like Eeyore, over the played-out Winnie the Pooh or Piglet, that everyone else seemed to be rooting for.  I also, purposely, avoided the New Kids on the Block and assumed I was secretly, way-cooler, than the girls who went crazy for them.  They weren’t even that cute!  Now, Jonathan Brandis on the other hand…sigh.  I once had 23 pictures/posters of him that I had torn out of those cheesy Tiger Beat magazines on my bedroom walls, at one time.  I also entered a contest to ‘Win a Date with Jonathan’.  I lost.  Bummer.  Especially since he is now, no longer with us.  : (  But I am not all ‘Miss Originality’ when it comes to some of my favorite things.  I am completely smitten with fancy shoes, dark brown leather couches and silhouette artwork, all of which are not exactly known for being ‘unique’ trends.  I also adore(d) birds on things, until this sketch on Portlandia reminded me how kitchy it had become.  Darnitt!

It’s hard to ignore the allure of Pinterest.  Most people-let me rephrase that– most ladies I know, also have a Pinterest account.  It’s a place where you ‘Pin’ pictures of things you like that I stumble across on the internet.  It’s also a great place to go trolling for new ideas or tips.  (This is mostly what I find myself doing!)  Many of my pals use Pinterest to gain crafty ideas that they will one day make.  In this instance, I recognized my reality and simply created a board called ‘Things My Crafty Friends Need to Make For Me”.  Yep.  That about sums up that board.  All the new recipes I’ve tried lately have come from Pinterest.  I can’t help but be drawn to all the helpful photos that food bloggers use to walk me through the easy steps to a delicious green smoothie.  Or how my little ‘birds nest’ egg-cups should look before I bake them in the oven.  Tasty stuff…There seem to be a million wonderful bloggers out there that I have stumbled across and decided to ‘follow’, even though I will never have enough time to be able to read all the posts that I have now ‘subscribed’ to!

I cannot tell you how many hours I have spent staring at the Pinterest site.  I was warned that it would be addicting, but I am helpless against its photogenic charms, the quirky quotes and the life-changing tips that I have seen and captured, by repining them to my own boards.

Plus, window-shopping online has never been easier, now that Pinterest and I have been together.  When I see something I like, I no longer need to create a ‘wish list’ and hope I stumble across the item one day.  Now, I simply ‘Pin’ the dreamy, must-have-one-day item to a board, and I have instantly created my own little condensed shopping list for when I win the Publisher’s Clearing House.

To those friends who are also into Pinterest: “Verily, I say unto you, come and Follow me…”

To those who have escaped Pinterest’s charms: Well done!  But let me know if you change your mind and want me to send you an ‘invite’ to join ‘the community’.

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  1. So far, I’ve escaped Pinterest. Though I do look at it every once in a while, I haven’t set up an account. Bird’s Nest Egg cups sound fun though.

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