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A Mid-April Update (with Bonus Wish List!)

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If you’ve been riding along with me on the Crazy ‘Mommy-Works-Two-Jobs’ Express, then you may know that I recently hit a pretty big milestone in my part time event job.  CHOO- CHOO!

This past weekend, I helped put on the 2nd Sportsman Expo that we had been planning for over a year.  Not many of my friends give a rat’s pa-toot about anything related to hunting or fishing, so the majority of people I know simply stared at me with blank polite faces whenever I started jabbering about the Expo that I lovingly helped cultivate from bleak nothingness back in 2010, to the juggernaut event (ok, that may be a mild exaggeration) that it is today.  But it’s ok.  I know where I live and the demo that my pals fall into, and if I wasn’t getting paid to be there, I probably wouldn’t have gone to check it out either.

When I took my full time job at the local software company, I was in no position to simply walk away from Event Land.  I loved my event work and still do today, but because we needed to start beefing up our income and my husband and I were really looking forward to having some benefits for ourselves, I took the full time work.

So, from 8ish to 5ish, I’d be at a computer screen all day and then in the evenings after the kiddos were in bed, I’d be playing catch up on all my event work.  It hasn’t been a fun 8 weeks.  Any normal home life routine would have been turned upside down by a ‘mommy’s-going-back-to-work-full-time’ transition, but add to that craziness that she will also be working evenings and weekends, and you now have a whole crap-load of insanity that’s been surrounding my home life!

The kids are doing ok, and since we’ve also added Little League for both kids to the mix (not my brightest decision, but hey – I was a bit distracted when I made the choice) they have been able to enjoy some excitement to their routines too.  We are all still waiting to sit down and watch a movie as a family that I bought for the kids for Easter (maybe this weekend?) and we find ourselves accidentally skipping baths and forgetting to remind them to brush their teeth like we used to, but so far, we haven’t incurred any lice or cavities.  (Knock on wood!  I don’t have much time off accrued to actually take them to see a doc or dentist if they needed to go!)

Dave and I have gotten to go out a few times, but an elementary school fundraiser really can’t be counted as a good solid date.   I’m hoping we get to change that soon.  He’s been working extra hours too and adding side jobs and such to his routines, so even if we managed to go out, we’d probably both be falling asleep around 9:30.  Woah, baby…let the good times roll!

The next three weekends are already booked with visits and activities, but I’m hoping they can be refreshing too.  One of those weekends is booked for  the church’s Women’s Retreat, so hopefully, with a word like “RETREAT” in the name, it will actually be a pretty nice time, versus one more thing to do and scratch off my list.  I’ll have to get back to you on that one, though.

Sprinkle in the double-time little league life and I think my friends may still be wondering where the heck I went to, even though my event work will be slowing down dramatically.

But I am thankful for a little time that I get to write and hopefully if a few of my long lost pals are reading this, they’ll know that I have missed our chats and hang out times and that I am really looking forward to life settling down soon so I can incorporate more relaxing and fun times into my days!

Here’s my current wish list.  What’s on yours?

  • Get my hair cut and colored and not stress on how long the appointment will take.
  • Bake some cookies.
  • Take a walk (and in my dreams, this walk would be mosquito-free and warm!)
  • Not have my kids tell me “I didn’t get enough time with you/hugs from you/why don’t we play board games anymore?” at bedtime.
  • Splurge and get a carwash where I am forced to sit and wait while they scrub, vacuum and wipe away all the kid cooties while I do something fanciful like, read a book.
  • Get back to reading books.  I miss that one a lot.
  • Resume my Mario Kart lessons from my 6 year old.
  • Throw a kick-ass birthday slumber party for my soon to be 7 year old.
  • Get caught up on Mad Men with Dave.
  • Get caught up on lots of other DVR fodder such as SMASH, CSI, Awake, etc…
  • Get lots of date night time with Dave.
  • Not have my Bible-reading reminders tell me how many days I’ve been hitting snooze on my daily reading plan, but simply reminding me to read, then giving me the ‘Success!’ message after I actually get to read the 10 minute blurb.

And more!

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  1. Jenny I know this may sound nuts but I sure miss those days! It’s true what our mothers tell all of us at one time or another that time passes so quickly. Enjoy, savor, relish and hold your kids tight. In the long scheme of things, a missed bath here and there, forgetting to brush their teeth or not combing their hair or whatever it is really isn’t as important as you just being their mother. This will all pass and theybwill be grown and gone before you know it! Love ya! Mon


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