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Hooray for the return of the sun!  I love the warmer weather that Chico’s been enjoying  this week, despite the extra sniffles and doses of allergy medicine that inevitably come with the new spring season.

Along with warm, sunny days, I love clothes.  I love shoes. I love a good handbag.  I love accessories and putting it all together.  But I am also ridiculously cheap and have a small mama-clothing budget.  Nine times out of ten, I will choose quantity over quality of clothing.  I want a closet PACKED with goodies, even if they end up dissolving in the wash or are only good for one occasion.  (That disco roller skating party I went to was the only time that crazy sequined top will ever see the outside of my closet.)

But I also have a great appreciation for good quality fashion.  I have splurged on brands that I knew made a great product and that I would have for years and did not regret my decision.  (Although I am still waiting for my 3 pairs of miscellaneous Doc Martin’s to either come back in style, carry me off on a mountainous hike or to a 90’s party.  I just can’t seem to part with them.)

I get a lot of my favorites from eBay and have had only a few misses with items not fitting right.  eBay packages in my mailbox or waiting for me by my door make my heart sing a happy tune!

My latest eBay score was a pair of skinny jeans by Joe’s Jeans.  I love their dark color and even though they are still not quite broken in and feel more like a corset for my lady-zone than a pair of pants, I am looking forward to melding them into my new favorite pair of jeans.  Last night I wore them into a bounce house.  Good times…

In addition to eBay’s goodness to me, I am also a savvy deal-finder for other online clothing deals.  My Pinterest board called ‘Fashion for Me’ holds many of my online finds.

It’s funny when you look back over a board that you’ve created and realize you definitely have fashion preferences.  Mine apparently is the color navy – most noticeably, any navy dress.  In my closet, I have three navy blue dresses, 2 casual ones and one fancy schmancy J. Crew party dress that I adore.  At a recent clothing swap, I let go of 2 other long-time navy dress favorites.  I still kind of miss them!  I probably don’t need any more navy-ness in my closet, but it’s always fun to dream on Pinterest, right?

Marvelous Mint

One trend that I’ve seen a lot of this spring is the incredible awesomeness of the color Mint which, when I last checked, was an annoying herb that took over 30% of my garden boxes, yet smelled awesome when I’d weed-whack the crap out of it.  The color mint, actually doesn’t resemble the deep green of the real thing, and is more of a lighter green with just a dash of baby blue.  Illogical color descriptions aside, I actually, really like it, since blue and I are kinda like this {fingers crossed for an inspiring visual} and mint is a close cousins with blue.

But I’m wondering how Mr. Mint seemed to seep into the fashion scene this year.  The last time I checked the Pantone colors for 2012 (and yes, I seriously do look at that type of thing) mint was nowhere to be seen.  The only thing close to the delicate hue is Pantone 14-0016, a.k.a. Margarita.

You’ve probably seen a lot of Pantone’s biggest star of 2012 Tangerine Tango.

Tangerine Tango - not my thing.

Sigh…yes, orange isn’t a new color to the fashion world and many of my friends can pull it off in stunning ways, yet I am not one of them.

I am continuing my support of 2010’s color of the year Turquoise.

Turquoise - still my friend

2011’s pinky Honeysuckle is more up my mom’s alley, she being a long-time supporter of the feminine shade.

Honeysuckle + My Mom = Friends Forever

I know people say to add variety to your closet and get away from a single color palette, but I think, what’s wrong with sticking to a favorite color scheme?  Since when is being able to match pretty much any item in your closet to each other, a bad thing?  Whatevs… {I can’t decide if I hate that word or enjoy how it saves me time while talking/ writing.}

What are your favorite fashion pieces?  Do you find yourself leaning towards a certain color palette, or is your closet more of a wonderful clothes rainbow?

Long live dark jeans, anything ivory and sassy heels,


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  1. Which reminds me, you NEED to stock rum, club soda and limes, so that you can make mojitos.

    Me? I’m all about grays and beiges, but this time of year I do find myself incorporating more colors into my wardrobe. I do like that Tangerine Tango and Pantone (who is that, by the way?) 18-021 Elm Green. This amazing spring weather tempts me to wear brighter colors, though. We’ll see.

  2. Well, my friend, Pantone is the group that identifies and publishes a color ‘standard’ so when someone wants ‘orange’ they can cal lout a specific shade (color number) and a screen printer, designer, etc will know exactly the color they mean. Pantone makes books of it’s colors, that are crazy expensive but fun to have : ) You can definietly pull off the Tangerine Tango : )
    Dave is more of the mojito fan at home, although, usually when we are in Mexico and whiskey is not abundant! You may just have to come over and harvest some for yourself : )


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