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Balance Like a Boss

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It was a great day for great things.

Sure, my morning consisted of the usual drama that revolved around three people who were not very happy about having to get up and go to work/school, but seriously-that’s an everyday battle that I don’t anticipate getting to leave behind any time soon.

Nope. Today was going to be different.

I managed to check my son’s homework folder and quiz him on his spelling words while simultaneously whipping up a delicious kid-breakfast of instant oatmeal and microwave bacon.

The oatmeal had real peach-colored bits of yumminess in it and even though my son really wanted eggs, he ate the whole thing, plus a baby-easy-peel orange.

A serving of fruit and a bit of fiber to start the day? I gave myself a mental high-five for my stellar nutritional parenting skills.

Time for Work

I had on my business-time trouser jeans and my business-time blouse, complete with its work-appropriate bow. I even paired the whole ensemble with leopard print power-heels. (The ones that say ‘I’m ready for business-slash-Aren’t theses the cutest?”)

Yep. I was ready for work-awesomeness.

After a great team meeting, I dove into my business-y list of work tasks and was plugging away so well, I hardly realized that I had worked over thirty minutes into my lunch hour.

Phew. Being productive and making business things happen can be a tough job!

But I left with a smile on my face and a skip in my well-heeled step, and went home to grab a sandwich and let the dog out.

Multi-task lunch break: Like a boss.

Back at work, I ate my yummy turkey sandwich at my desk while trying to finish up my presentation slides. Could things get anymore business-awesome?

So many things were getting accomplished and communicated…I was like a well-oiled lady-business MACHINE!

Mommy Time

I had to leave work a little early to go by the kids’ school. Their after-school program was having some special games and events and they had invited the parents to come check out their program.

At the end of the events, the kindergartners would be performing a special song and hand motion combo. (I will save you all from the exaggeration of calling it a ‘song and dance’. Hand motions do not qualify as dance moves, folks.)

My daughter was beyond stoked about the opportunity to wear a costume and perform for her parents. Oh, the sadness in her little face when she learned that her daddy may not be able to make it back to town on time to see her perform. But, huzzah! Daddy rolled into town just in time, despite his feverish haze from that darn life-sucking flu that’s been stalking him.

The adorable show was just about to start and being the magnificent multi-tasker that I am, I decided to pack up her backpack and random drawings so we could make a quick get away after her bowing had ceased.

That’s when I discovered this in her cubby.

Jennysblogorama | Sad Princess drawing

Oh man. That is one sad princess. She even drew in tears!

I handed it to Dave and said, “You get to ask her why the princess is sad.” You see, after earning his BFA in Painting, I have decided that my husband is the eternal go-to guy for art related questions.

Dave: “Honey, why is the princess sad?”

Baby girl: “She’s sad because she wants her mommy, and the princess is me.”


So much for ‘juggling it all’.

Her song was utterly adorable, though. Even though I think I did catch her on video her picking her nose. That will be a keeper! (Bonus points for that booger-pun!)

We girls proceeded to head home and my husband and son stayed behind to check on a random crying boy.

We were worried our son had spastically injured the kid while celebrating the fact that the staff had given him a free shirt. Winning free stuff is a big deal in my family. Sometimes our arms fly.

Luckily the boy was OK and my kid wasn’t in any trouble at all. THANKYOULORD!

At home I punted for my easy go-to family dinner: Taco Mountain. Sure, some may call it nachos, or even taco salad, but we call it dumpy old, taco mountain.

It’s basically a pile of tortilla chips, ground turkey (or veggie-meat for the vegetarian husband) black beans cheese. Add in a little taco sauce, sour cream, cilantro and you’ve now created a version that only I would eat. The kids stick with the basics: meat/cheese for the girl and beans/meat/cheese for the boy.

I never said it was the healthiest of meals. Just comfort food at it’s Fuller-ist.

Everyone was hungry and whiny and needing something. The kitchen was getting messier by the moment.

I managed to burn my husband’s veggie-chicken and for one second, I thought I was close to having my own ‘Burnt Toast Moment a’la Julia Braverman from Parenthood‘.

“I can’t do it! I can’t do it!” I was tempted to say. Curling up on the kitchen floor in the fetal position would have only added to the dramatic moment. (Man, I LOVE that show!)

Luckily, I stayed on my feet, despite the crazy amount of blisters I had earned over the course of the day. Curse you, stupid/adorable heels!

Despite the obvious imperfections of my unbalanced day, you know, it really did end OK. I got to get some extra cuddles with my kids and their normal level of bickering was kept in check due to a new Snail Bob game on the iPad.

Just Keep Swimming

I really like all the cool stuff I am learning about at work and getting to do, but I also really like having a happy little princess.

Balance, balance, balance…I hate when you never really get to cross stuff off your to-do list, don’t you?

Here’s to a restful and good-mommy-time weekend!

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